• Image of 2017 "Creature of the Flames" EP Vinyl
  • Image of 2017 "Creature of the Flames" EP Vinyl

2017 "Creature of the Flames" EP Vinyl

Details this pressing:
HRR 578, ltd 1000
150 x transparent ultra clear vinyl (HRR mailorder exclusive),
450 x transparent beer colored vinyl
400 x black vinyl
425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard insert

Stacey Savage - vocals
Adam Neal - guitar
Larry Myers -guitar
Brandon Brown - bass
John Littlejohn - drums

1. Child of the Witch
2. Burning Leather
3. Dark Enchantress
4. Creature of the Flames
5. Death or Glory (Holocaust cover)

You can order EP from https://www.hrrshop.de to outside of North America.

Download also available (for additional charge) at link below:

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